Currently listening to Flipmode – Fabolous, Velous and Chris Brown* Do you have a song that gets your day started? The song that makes you convince yourself that YOU, yes YOU are the Serena in your arena, the Jay-Z dropping double entendres and business gems or even the Michelle Obama on a successful book tour? I have a few. This week it’s ‘Flip mode’. When I thought about what 2019 held for me, I did not see or even think that a website was in my future. I have been in the digital media industry for a decade or so and blogs or websites aren’t new to me. I have had several. Some incognito, others popular and one that was my dream site that is now defunct. I get and understand the idea is having your own space, especially these days where our joint spaces (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) can quite frankly be draining. On these platforms, as much as we share our thoughts, content and lives, in turn; so do other people.

Sometimes our story, messages and opinions are drowned out. They are misconstrued and twisted for a purpose that we never intended. Because of this, I have found that the spaces that I previously loved, have become exhausting. Toxic. Downright mean and headache inducing. What’s a girl to do when her livelihood is social media and she can’t stand some aspects of it? Taking a break is well and good but clients aren’t going to understand a mental health break away from the platforms that I have promised to help them be more engaging on or sell their products and services on. Then, as with all things; life and adulting collide to force you to evaluate and face harsh truths.

My big harsh truth was that I had been hiding in the shadows and refusing to put myself out there. As much as I work in the online space, I was not ONLINE. As much as I would harp on about the importance of being visible online (especially to my clients), my own presence was muted. The silence was loud. So here we go, welcome to my home. My space. The little corner of Al Gore’s internet that I will come to unwind, share my thoughts, projects and anything else I would like to. I’m online!