My Saucy Fix!

I recently made the decision to be intentional about supporting small businesses, especially those from my home country (Zambia) but not limited to them. There is something about small business owners who execute customer service, digital media presence, content creation, quality product/service, quality packaging and presentation. This is the holy grail. Few get it right or do it well. This year I spoke about Sugarbabies Zimbabwe as one of those businesses. Now you can add My Saucy Spoon to that list.

My Saucy Spoon is a woman owned,  Zambian owned business based in Lusaka and she’s stolen my heart. I started following her on instagram (My Saucy Spoon) because I loved her food stories and stayed for her content creation and having FOMO about the products she showcases.

I’m now more obsessed with the brand from a professional perspective because she makes a fascinating case study to share with my clients. Here’s some things you may want to take note of when you visit her page.

You can tell she has thought through her brand. Her text is consistent and similar across the board. You want to know what she does? Check the information in her bio. Paleo condiments. Eco Live Edge wooden products.

She also has her own hashtags which makes it easier to search for her content and encourages customers to post using the hashtag ( #MySaucyFix #FlavourBag)

I love when people take an instagram aesthetic and make it their own. The current instagram aesthetic is to have your instagram feed displayed in a monochromatic way depending on the colour palette you choose. I love that My Saucy Spoon has been able to do this but has made it colourful, focused on keeping her brand and products highlighted. It doesn’t look forced but flows effortlessly.

Look at those colours!

I currently do not live in my hoem country so getting My Saucy Spoon products was always going to depend on my next trip home or based on whether I would have a friend or family member willing to carry some items for me. I contacted My Saucy spoon and we started discussing what I wanted, how I was going to pay and how they were going to be picked up or delivered to my contact in Lusaka. All of this via Instagram DM’s. All of this professionally. Within reasonable time and she answered my questions after hours as well (although please do not do this if  you decide to contact her, respect peoples business hours).  If you are overseas and in a different time zone please be patient.

When I ordered the products I was expecting to receive :

A small board

Choco Cashew

Cilantro Pesto

Sundried Pesto

I got all of these with the addition of the packaging (which I plan to reuse) and an additional coconut bowl and bacon jam. Three extra items. Those extra items, the customer service from start to finish, the packaging and quality product has made me a ‘Saucie’ for life. She won’t even have to pay me LOL. Because of that she will make back money on the items that she gifted me. This is something I need to talk about. when businesses give away or gift you items make sure you you give back by doing the needful. Reciprocity. If you love the items, share through the mediums you are comfortable with. This encourages small business owners to cater for other people like this because it’s marketing especially because they don’t have huge marketing budgets. Don’t become a freeloader who always expects freebies. Gifted products are a thank you or an acknowledgement of loyalty not an entitlement.

My friend who carried the products for me, loved her customer service and the products and has vowed to get herself some products as well. I’ve shared with family and friends already and they have vowed to get products as well.

So here I sit here trying to figure out how to make sure my condiments last for more than a few days and how I will get another consignment posthaste.

Thanks My Saucy Spoon for my saucy fix and inducting me into the saucie way of life.