I started off blogging a decade ago and I mostly did it for fun and as a way to connect with people online. After a while, I noticed that there wasn't enough content coming from my home country of Zambia. I made the snap decision to ditch my legal career and move back to Zambia to pursue a career in social media management. I loved fixing social media platforms, creating strategy documents and bringing in a new way for thinking about social media to an industry still finding its feet. I was a fixer of all things social media (I still am).

After more than 8 years of working within the digital media industry working with and for countless corporate, NGO and startup clients, I have decided to create a home for my knowledge, loves and interests.

Becoming a mum was also a game changer because it made me see the different ways in which a website could adequately share and house my new normal. From fixing digital media issues to mummy issues, I was named Mama Fixer. Welcome to where you get your fix of all things digital media, lifestyle, family and food.

Mukuka Mayuka