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My favourite type of influencer is the influencer who LIVES their title. What does that mean? They influence even when there is no fee attached just because they like being THE PLUG.  That authenticity? The love to put people on to brands, products, services or people so that others may flourish. It resonates with my soul.  It is the sort of influencer energy that is unmatched and can not be easily replicated. A few years back, my good girlfriend, Chaud The Magazine (if you are tired of hearing or reading about her, sorry but it will continue because she’s the friend that keeps up with all things digital and I chat to); she introduced me to Mel’s Wardrobe.  She started off as a fashion blogger,  then went into styling and now she styles celebrities and in her spare time she wittingly and unwittingly influences the rest of us.  How does Mel do it? Aside from being in the fashion blogging game for a minute, Mel has made it part of her brand to make stylish items relatable and accessible. Through Mels content, aspirational luxury items can become attainable and must haves alongside  your ten pound budget friendly Primark offerings.  Most of this information is delivered in a relaxed (non-salesy), transparent way.  To see her influence (in another genius stroke of self branding, positioning , marketing and engagement tracking); simply follow the hashtag #MelMadeMeDoIt or #MMMDI. It’s a treasure trove of recommended items, services or Mel referrals that have been shared by her community of like minded fashionistas and lifestyle content enthusiasts.

This week Mel dropped a gem  about charging brands a separate fee for social media usage for content that is created by the talent (influencer).  I thought this was common knowledge but from the responses I realised that it’s not so common. Mel herself shared that she only discovered it when she got influencer management. We will have another chat, another day about why and how influencer management becomes important but lets say for now, this is a PRIME example of why management works for influencers while they focus on content creation

Mels Wardrobe Tweet

Mels Wardrobe discussing Social Media Usage

In my social media strategy sessions I have always talked about the need for a media rate card (which highlights or gives a general overview of what a content creators data/insights look like AND what they charge to post content on their page or create content). Ideally  a longer conversation would then ensue based off of the rate card, work examples and other preliminary discussions. The longer and detailed conversations would then get into the nitty gritty of whether you are creating content for use on your platform  (and then they share it  to their platforms) or if the client is asking you to create content exclusively  for their platforms.

Scenario: Talent was approached by a brand or agency and would like the talent to create content (visuals). The talent will be sent the products and it is up to the talent to create visuals to share on their top 3 performing social media platforms.

Things to consider :

  1. If the talent opens up a tik tok account that becomes more popular than the other three platforms, is the client willing to pay a seperate or additional fee to have their brand visible on that account?  Or would they like to negotiate a flat fee that covers future/potential accounts that may be opened or have better engagement than the previously negotiated and agreed upon platforms.
  2. If the visuals are supremely successful and the content goes viral and the brand/agency would like to use the content beyond digital platforms (print, tv, billboards, email marketing, store fronts), how much will the be willing to pay to use that content as often as they like for as long as they like (or put a limit on the times and ways it can be used).
  3. In most countries ( especially in African countries) because there is no industry standard or regulation of influencers work and their rates, it’s important to have these conversations early on and as honestly as you can.

What are your thoughts on social media usage fees? Share your thoughts in the comment section!