A blog post feature that goes out every Friday sharing five of my favourite things (products or services) from one person/brand or multiple people/brands).


This year I have been thinking about my style quite a bit. Especially pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy. I know my forever favourites are anything in Chitenge material with pockets. It’s comfortable, loose and colourful. Perfect for the warmer African climates (especially Zambia, where I’m from). Chitenge outfits also were great during pregnancy because I could get fabric tailored to my specifications or buy Chitenge outfits straight off the rack to accommodate a growing belly.

Post pregnancy, many things changed. I moved to a country whose winters are harsher than Zambia’s and thigh high boots and winter coats are justified (shots fired to my Zambian fashionistas; you know yourselves) LOL. This past month I’ve been on the hunt for winter clothes that make sense for a body and baby still breastfeeding (Easy access), fit my style, comfortable and unique.  The joy of thinking of myself just hasn’t manifested. It takes a lot for me to walk into a shop and say I want that (that is not food, baby or house related).  I haven’t found winter clothes I love yet, but I stumbled on SUGARBABIES and love everything.

I interact with the owner (@shonatiger) on Twitter quite a bit. When I say interact, I mean I like and retweet nearly every article she shares because her content is always interesting. One day I saw @chubbyonekanobi aka Mama Bow say how much she loves @Shonatiger’s crocheted bikini. If you know me, you know that I wish I knew how to knit, DIY or anything remotely talented like that.  My bohemian spirit locked into the potential of adding bohemian anything to my wardrobe. I went to Instagram and I stalked the page. Fell in love with everything. If you are into Boho chic this is your home.

I just had to share with you some of my favourite items from the Sugarbabies ZW store:

Who: Sugarbabies

What: Handmade accessories and goods.

Where:  based in Harare, Zimbabwe.



I can imagine wearing it five different ways. But I love the way it was styled by one of her customers. The thing about living on this beloved continent is that early mornings and evenings will be freezing but midday /afternoon will be warm. Having an item that takes this into consideration? Priceless.


A shrug is the cuter, cropped cousin of the cardigan. Again when it comes to winter layering, it’s a must have item in your wardrobe. It’s not heavy and did I mention it’s cute? I can imagine shrugging my shoulders just for fun.



Who says crochet items can’t be sexy? Which grandma is rocking this? That’s all I have to say about this item because I see myself wearing this and fitted bell bottoms hugging all the right places while I twirl in a field.


Who knew that you can crochet earrings? I saw these and did my research. I found out that they are macramé earrings. Although there are a lot of articles that suggest you can easily DIY earrings I have since discovered it’s a lie and respect peoples craft. Aside from mastering knots, you need to be creative enough to make various patterns and select the right colour combos. Easy DIY my foot. Buy them from Sugarbabies and save yourself the embarrassment.

  1. I know I said items for myself but this is kind of an item for me. I want a rope basket. I didn’t even know I would want one until I saw one on the Sugarbabies Instagram page and then I was sold. It’s a need. Especially for my office. It’s on my décor needs and it’s lovely.

There you have it. My first #FixerFive courtesy of the amazing Sugarbabies handiwork. She is currently only selling in Zimbabwe mainly due to cost of shipping, but shipping can be arranged.And just because Sugarbabies is a gem like that she has offered a discount for my readers.


Discount code: MUKUKA19 for a 10% discount on purchases over $30.


If you would like to get these items or simply find out what other goodies she has, please visit:

Contact details: enquiries, orders and shipping information, or Also