Tis the season for corporate gifting

Tis the season to be jolly and to gift loved ones, friends and peers with gifts. One gifting practice that remains a mystery for a lot of companies especially small businesses is the art of gifting corporate gifts as part of their overall marketing strategy. With the addition of digital media, corporate or client gifting requires a strategy that is aligned with your overall marketing goals and brand position.


As a small business owner and manager, my budget can not compete with the larger ad agency budgets and that’s an important point to remember. You won’t be able to gift everybody, but you must gift strategically.  So how do I go about it and what strategy do I employ


1. First things first. Do you need to gift your clients and If you do, what is the ROI and goal of doing so? It could be that you would simply like to strengthen your relationship with the client and thank them for a fruitful working relationship. Alternatively, you may wish to promote new products to the client in order to market them.

2.  Make sure you have a budget in mind and don’t go over the budget. It’s important to remember that client gifts are out of pocket expenses. These are expenses that won’t be covered and it’s important to limit the amount you would like to spend.

3. Do your research. Does your client like coffee? Does your client like to visit a place or is into fitness? Depending on the answer you can put together a personalised corporate gift that the client will likely use and hopefully remember where it came from.

4. If you are in the digital media industry like me, you can’t gift client’s social media services. What you can do though (and here is where the strategy comes into place) is gift your client items from other clients who produce items that can be added to a gift hamper. This forges a relationship with the client providing the gift and with the client you are gifting. It also is a great way to link two clients who you feel may work well together. Another gifting strategy is gifting clients with items from potential clients. People who you would like to work with. How will this work in your favour? Jump to point 5.

5.  Once you have created your hampers or client boxes it’s important to take pictures of the items. Content! Remember you have spent money on the gifts, so you need to make sure there is a return on investment. As pointed out above gifting current clients with potential client’s gifts allows you tag clients in your content and if your current client also tags the potential client, it alerts them to your presence. This is a great way to make yourself seen and it’s a digital introduction. Depending on how people react to your content you may hit the ball out of the park. Your current client will be happy with the brand awareness and engagement, your potential client will be impressed with your creativity and want to find out if you can do the same for them.

Are you gifting this season? Don’t forget to follow a strategy that works for you and ensure that you get some great content out of the process and the final gifts.


Happy Holidays Fixers!